select utopias

*Finalist, Times Square Competition

Imagine seeing Times Square in a surreal perspective — a grand heated bed in winter, outdoors, floating above a bed of flowers.

With no obvious indication, comfortable radiant heat spreads throughout the sculpture. Kept at 75 degrees, it invites touch and a longer stay. The field of winter flowers below gives softness, fragrance, and color. 

Using a layered approach to metaphor, the sculpture references:
*The grand leisure of Persian and Asian family-sized beds
*Times Square's historically edgy relationship to sex
*Death, loss, and rebirth during the pandemic
*America’s racially charged history of criminalizing homelessness, loitering, and public rest, including the artist's own experiences with stop and frisk

A Bed of Roses references physical processes: death, life, leisure, sex, and sleep. But ultimately, it relates to slowing down, rebirth, and historical inequalities, and gains contrast and connection being located in one of the most human-centered environments in the world.

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